What Do You Do If Your Business Has A Positive Case of COVID-19?

First off, we want you to know that Bay Area Disinfectors is here to help!

With COVID-19 running rampant all throughout the world, and businesses chomping at the bit to reopen so that they can stay alive, it’s safe to say that the words, “disinfect, disinfectant, disinfection, and disinfecting” have become quite common. For businesses deemed essential, ensuring that your space is clean and disinfected regularly will make all the difference between staying safe and uncovering that first positive case. In the event that your business does experience a positive case of COVID-19, Bay Area Disinfectors is here to show you exactly what you can do to stay safe.

Here’s our 4-step guide for how to handle a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your business.

  1. Identify The Employee(s) & Immediately Send Them Home To Self-Isolate

Once you’ve identified the employee(s) who have received a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, it’s time to ensure that they’re sent home immediately to self-isolate and receive medical attention (if needed). This is one of the most important steps that you can take throughout this entire process because the less contact made with this/.these individual(s), the better. From there, they shouldn’t be permitted to return back to work until they’ve been cleared by their physician or another public health official.

  1. Conduct Your Own Form of Contact Tracing

Now, it’s possible that your positive case(s) could have been transmitting the virus to others even prior to showing symptoms. This means that you should identify any and all employees who were within close proximity to the positive case(s) within the last two weeks. From there, those individuals should also be sent home to self-isolate and monitor their progression. If one or any of these individuals begin to exhibit symptoms during their period of self-isolation, you should continue tracing their contacts as well, and proceed accordingly.

  1. Keep Your Employees Aware of The Situation As It Unfolds

Like in any business, communicating with your employees is always of the utmost importance. And in a situation like this, it’s absolutely imperative that you keep your employees well aware of what’s going on. Inform them of the positive case(s), make them aware of the protocol that you have in place, what steps you plan to take, and how you’re going to keep them safe when coming to work.

  1. Hire A Disinfecting Team

Last, but certainly not least, would be to contact Bay Area Disinfectors and hire a professional disinfecting team to come in and clean your space from top to bottom. Our goal is to leave your space clean and COVID-19-free through a comprehensive commercial disinfecting service specifically designed to keep your business safe after a positive case of COVID-19.